How to help

The organisation is heavily depending on the income generated from the crafts the children make. It is clear that any support is welcome! This can be done in numerous ways:

  • Sponsor a child - paying for the school fees for one year of a child.
  • Donation - this can be a donation to a specific project (like poultry or farming) or simply to help the organisation.
  • Buying AHCM articles - The beautiful necklesses, purses, dolls, etc, made by AHCM's children are for sale, as are the dvd's and cd's! For more detailed information, see Arts & Crafts and Music, respectively.
  • Volunteering at AHCM - become temporarily part of the organisation and add value!

Gifts for Another Hope Childrens Ministries are tax-deductible and are processed through our friends at Good Measure International. 100% of your gift goes to Another Hope.