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In recent years, the multitude of orphaned children in sub - Sahara Africa stems from children losing their parents due to HIV/AIDS and the constant civil wars.Uganda was heavily hit by HIV/AIDS pandemic in the 1980's and 90's and the constant wars. Although these

scourges have been contained, they have left millions of orphans that the country is struggling to help. The first AIDS case was diagnosed in Uganda in 1982. The ministry of health estimated 1,050,555 people were living with HIV/AIDS by the end of December 2001 and over 940,000 HIV/AIDS related deaths have occurred since the onset of the epidemic in our country.

AHCM provides food, shelter and education fees to those directly or indirectly affected by these problems. The profiles of all the children currently supported by AHCM are categorized by level of Education. We have Babies, Pre-Primary/Primary, Secondary and Vocation/Tertiary. To sponsor a child of your choice, click on any of the following categories.

1) Babies

2) Pre-Primary/Primary

3) Secondary

4) Vocational/Tertiary

AHCM is heavily dependent on donations for providing school fees. You can make a huge difference by paying the school fees of a child for one year.

Gifts for Another Hope Children's Ministries are tax-deductible and are processed through Globalgiving USA and UK and if in Germany through Aid That Helps