About Us

Following a careful assessment of needs for the increasing number of orphaned and street children in Uganda, it was necessary to establish Another Hope Children's Ministry to improve the lives of these hopeless children, since the government encourages intervention from voluntary organizations.

Our Mission

To bring hope to orphaned and abused street children in the districts of Central Uganda, by providing love and care in a Christian environment.

AHCM Objectives

To provide accommodation, food and clothing to orphans and street children in a family-like environment.

To provide pre-primary, primary, and secondary education and vocational skills for imparting market-oriented skills in children to enable self- sustenance. (this is a long-term objective).

To modify children's behaviour.

To take care of children's health.

To help the staff and parents/guardians to serve the children better.

Target Group

Orphaned children due to HIV/AID especially those in Nansana West II Zone, Wakiso District.

Secondly, street children, especially those from war-ravaged areas living in Wakiso District and surrounding areas.